Three alumni students, Timonique Crighton, Natalya Nichols and Jennifer Perea have all been accepted into prestigious summer programs for the 2016 summer. Here are where they’re headed: Timonique – National Student Leadership Conference Natalya – National Student Leadership Conference Jennifer – National Youth Leadership Forum Each program recruits...

​I could not be more thrilled to bring The Mission Possible Initiative to Tennessee, and more specifically, Nashville. Learning about TMPI served as catalyst to get me back into the classroom. The idea of now participating in the initiative feels like a dream. ​As giddy as I am to...

As you may or may not know, we launched The Mission Possible Initiative (TMPI) in Orlando at the start of the school year. It is hard to believe the school year is almost over but when we look back, we can see the progress we have made in establishing...

TMPI would like to sincerely thank MASTA President John Spensieri and all of its members, especially Stan Craig, for their support of our program. MASTA looks to engage students in the greater Baltimore area in programs that focus on financial literacy and exposure. MASTA will be financing the Prince...


The Mission Possible Initiative (TMPI) is an educational non-profit that aims to address  source issues, the factors that impact a student’s achievement outside of the classroom, such as exposure, mentorship and pathways to opportunities. We currently serve low-income students throughout Central Alabama and the Washington D.C. metro area. Our group is a subsect of the 501(c)3 organization The Corp Member Education Foundation.

Since 2012, we have strived to impact the trajectory of talented young scholars who are challenged by the limited resources and opportunities made available to them. Since our founding, TMPI  has been  able to double in fundraising and increase the number of students served. This growth has allowed us to expand outside of Central Alabama and into a second region (Washington D.C.).


The Mission Possible Initiative takes a group of aspiring leaders on a career-based exposure trip to New York City. On the trip, TMPI scholars meet a host of professionals and learn about various industries through company visits. These scholars also forge meaningful relationships with each professional through formal and informal interactions, helping to create a close knit circle of life-long mentors and role models.

Students travel to New York City from their respective regions, and stay in the heart of the city near Times Square. For many of the students, this is their first time flying, staying in a hotel, and leaving their communities. On the trip, students interact with professionals and business leaders through a host of events including company visits, board-room socials, and a mentorship dinner. In the past, these visits have included trips to the offices of the New York Stock Exchange, American Express, New York Times, Delta Airlines, Broadway, National Football League, New York Public Library, Cantor-Fitzgerald and Good Morning America and many others.

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