Erick Blanco-Hernandez

Name: Erick Ivan Blanco-Hernandez

School/Grade: Parkdale High School – 9th Grade

Favorite Subject: Reading, Math, JROTC and Russian class

Profession: Mechanic, Artists or Military

Bio: His given name is Ivan but everyone knows him as Erick. He was born in Arlington,VA but moved to Hyattsville,MD during 1st grade. Erick likes to play soccer with his family, and draw cartoons from anime to animals. He really likes anything related to art and loves all kinds of music. Some of his favorite artists are Avenged Sevenfold, Above & Beyond and Three Days Grace. He also loves to playing video games with his younger siblings. At Parkdale Erick is apart of two different groups. The first is the JROTC program, which is amazing and the other is Mission Possible, which is pretty amazing as well. He feels very excited about the Mission Possible trip to New York. I hope to experience something new and learn.