Jennifer Perea


Name: Jennifer Perea

School/Grade: Parkdale High School, 9th Grade

Favorite Subject: Math

Career Choice: Pediatric Nurse

Bio: Jennifer was born in Cheverly, Maryland, but she has lived in Riverdale, Maryland her whole life. She is very devoted to being successful and eager to take advantage of opportunities that will help her achieve her goals. She is currently enrolled in the pre-IB program at Parkdale. She participates in many programs outside of school such as Upward Bound at the University of Maryland, the Maryland Multicultural Youth Center, and the Youth at work/SYEP Job Training program at Prince Georges Community College. She loves to read and her favorite genre is romance. She also likes to run and play basketball. She is very excited to go to the New York trip because she wants to network and be exposed to different career paths she may find interesting. This will also be her first time staying in a hotel and flying.